Montréal is an exceptional nightlife city. Whisky Café, a bar and cigar lounge, has been a prominent address since 1989. You can’t visit or live in this city without going for a drink, a light snack or a cigar at Whisky Café. Located in the MILE-END neighbourhood at the intersection of Rue Bernard and Boulevard Saint-Laurent, it’s where people go to spend an evening from 5 p.m. on, to hang out, have a LAST DRINK AFTER THE MOVIE, or discover a new cigar. This is how you make memories and write a story.

With over 700 spirits from five continents, some 40 types of cigars from Cuba, Nicaragua, Honduras and the Dominican Republic, and sweet or savoury snacks, it’s always a night well spent for visiting foodies or regulars.

Whisky Café is a favourite destination for Montrealers, who have been coming here to talk, drink, eat and smoke for 30 years. This iconic place holds many wonderful memories. Numerous hands have been asked in marriage, business deals signed, tears dried, romances born, crazy ideas thought up, laughter sparked and lots of secrets kept. Whisky Café has welcomed hundreds of international actors, great athletes, models, artists, and legends of the stage and screen from here and abroad.

In the timeless and chic art-deco ambience, light and music fill the air without drowning out conversation. Designed and created by the great interior designer Gervais Fortin, Whisky Café has not aged a bit.

Come experience it. Who knows, your story could change tonight