Whisky Café offers over 700 spirits from five continents as well as some 40 types of cigars from Cuba, Nicaragua, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. Drinks change with the movies, trends and TV shows. “Sex in the City” brought back the Cosmo, “Mad Men” the Bloody Mary, and James Bond the martinis (shaken, not stirred?) of course! At Whisky Café, you won’t feel like you’re drowning in a sea of choices; our experts are there to guide you.

More than 350 scotches and whiskies await you! You’ll have a tour of Scotland, Ireland, Canada, the United States, India, Japan, France, Taiwan, Wales and other parts of the world.

Over 100 cocktails, from great classics to new concoctions, as well as bitter, sugary, exotic and full-flavoured drinks, and of course, the famous BLOOD AND SMOKE, Whisky Café’s signature cocktail.

Porto, brandy, grappa, tequila, armagnac, vodka, gin, rum, sparkling wine and champagne, a large selection of local and international wines, local and imported micro-brewery beers, alcoholic coffees and mocktails…