Fun Facts

  • Whisky Café opened its doors in November 1989 and has had the same timeless look ever since, not having aged a bit. It was designed by the famous Gervais Fortin.
  • The Urinette: When women expressed their jealousy over the fact that men could go to the bathroom standing up, a somewhat crazy person invented the “urinette.” Initially intended for astronauts do their business in space, the urinette has ended up—and been used for a long time—in the washrooms of Whisky Café. Houston… we have a problem!
  • The men’s washroom features an impressive waterfall wall.
  • The Whisky Café has never let storms keep it from opening; only the 1998 ice storm forced it to close its doors.
  • What happens at Whisky Café, stays at Whisky Café! Thousands of secrets have been kept; just ask one of the staff members, they’ve seen it all in 30 years. They’ll give you a coy smile, because their lips are sealed… although…
  • Spotted at Whisky Café: a few actors from “Game of Thrones,” almost every actor who has played James Bond, Robert De Niro, singers, F1 drivers, hockey, baseball, basketball and football players, famous ballerinas, film producers and directors, models… and the list goes on. When you go, you never know who you’ll bump into.
  • There’s been a lot of action at Whisky Café over the years: film shoots, product launches, book signings, album launches, art exhibits and marriage proposals, to name a few.
  • Famous Québec artist Corno painted a custom canvas for Whisky Café that hangs in the entrance. It’s a naked body, neither male nor female, whose colours blend perfectly with the lounge’s decor. Many gallery owners have wanted to buy it, but it’s dedicated to Whisky Café and will stay here forever.